SMS mail, SMS server

• Program is designed for sending as same as receiving SMS messages through GSM gateway or mobile phone

• Incoming SMS messages are transformed to be able received by standard e-mail programs (Outlook, Outlook Expres etc.) as normal e-mail. The same way are converted outgoing SMS messages to format of SMS and send out through GSM device.

• Via inserting of corresponding LAN net PC name in the begining of SMS is possible send the SMS to exact PC in the LAN net. The ordinary SMS are readable from all PC where has been created on the LAN net corresponding account.

• The phone numbers for SMS are stored in the format compactible with e-mail format – you can store it to list of contacts ( adress book) as other e mail adress

• Program works dosely. In preprogrammed time period downloaded SMS messages from GSM device and sending out buffered (during time period) outgoing SMS.

• Program can be used either at separate PC as same as in server variant for LAN network. (even in mode „service“ for WinXP etc. ).

• E-mails are transformed to SMS format even the GSM device is not connected (or at the moment of SMS is GSM device busy by voice call). SMS are stored in PC and send out at the releasing of connection .

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