User manual SMS-Mail

The SMS Mail programm is designed for SMS messages traffic between
GSM Gate and electronic mail.
Description of unit functionality:
  SMS <-> SMS-Mail <-> e-mail
- The SMS messages passing is between SMS-Mail programm and GSM GATE via
  RS 232 interface of PC.
- The SMS messages passing between SMS-Mail and programm for email
   processing is via TCP/IP protocol used services SMTP and POP 3.
- The SMS messages are periodically passed among GSM GATE and PC.
  The SMTP and POP3 servers manage clients requirements for sending and
  receiving emails.
- The SMS messages downloaded from GSM GATE are buffering in PC to be available for appropriate clients. 
Those clients are connecting by their programm process email to POP 3 server of SMS-Mail.
- E-mails sent from clients to account in PC, where listen SMTP server of SMS-Mail  are buffering
up to moment when GSM Gate is connected and sending of SMS messages is processed.
Terminology explanation:
- GSM GATE – device which receive and send SMS messages.
            It is equipped by serial port RS 232 port for connection to PC.
- Serial interface – interface equiped by driver of serial type ( for example: COMport, infraport, etc..)
- Programm process email – it is for example 
  Outlook, Outlook Express, Mail etc.. This programm can run in whatever operating systém.
- Account in programm process email – it is global name for group of parametres which identify
one of receiver (SMTP server) and providers POP3 server of email.
The location of SMTP and POP3 servers is identify by IP adress or by name of PC where are located.
  In one programm can be more accounts for processing of emails designed.
- SMS Messages – it means all messages stored in GSM GATE.
In automatic mode is unsense to store messages in memories therefore all messages are read.
- Run SMS_Mail_Setup.exe.
- Select "Install new program"
- Read license rights and confirm "I Agree"
- Select (confirm) file where SMS Mail should be install
- Select (confirm) file of agent in programm menu "Start"
- Select (confirm) COM port, eventually insert license key
 Read carefully notice for setting of cooperating programms:
    To cooperate with this programm is neccessary to make upgrade of appropriate settings
at clients who wants to be connected.
    It is going about setting of account in email processing programm 
(for example: Outlook).
    In programm processing email must exist account where is setting of SMTP and POP 3 server
includes IP adress or net name of this PC.
- Press "OK" to finish installation
Design of main window includes names
First run and setting of SMS Mail:
- Check if "GSM Port" is selected correctly. This COM port is dedicated for connection GSM GATE with PC.
- Programm is supply in default setting.
  After pressing "Start" it starts working or ask for other settings when inicialization procedure is over.
- For more setting press button "More setting"
- Basic setting "Basic"
  - Start at program begining
    After programm run are changing the messages. (button "Start")
  Basic setting - SMS exchange mode
    Timing for hand of messages
  - Interval for SMS exchange
    Interval attempt repeating to GSM GATE
  - SMTP port
    Port where listen SMTP server. Default port 25.
    However this port can be already engaged by another programm.
    In this case set different number in range  0 to 65535.
    The best in range 1024 to 49151.
  - POP3 port
    Port where listen POP3 server. Default port 110.
    However this port can be already engaged by another programm.
    In this case set different number in range  0 to 65535.
    The best in range 1024 to 49151.
  - Setting "basket" as receiver for incoming SMS messages
    - Untitled to all or to basket only
    - Addressed to appropriate PC and additionally to basket
    - If PC-basket name is not fill then is considered that basket is PC
      where run programm SMS_Mail
    Adressed or routed SMS message to exact PC is possible by following procedure:
at first position of SMS write name of PC(s) where should be SMS dispatched.
This name(s) starts and end by "#". The same for Aliases.
- Nickname "Aliases"
  - Using of nicknames is possible switch ON/OFF in checkbox
    "Use alias of computer name"
  - The left columm of table is possible to fill by pressing
    "Add known computer names"
-        The table define the names (nicknames) which should be used instead of
     real PC names in net. It is usefull during routing of incoming SMS to
     exact PC(s).  
 - Routing of SMS to exact PC is possible perform as follow:
    SMS starts "#", continue "PC name in net" or
    "alias name" ( if is active), ends "#".
  - The SMS which are not marked can be available to all clients who have  
access to POP 3 server of SMS-Mail.
- COM port
  - "Baud Rate" transmission rate on seriál port
  - "DTR On" – if it is active DTR
  - "RTR On" – if it is active RTS
The setting of programms processed electronic mail (email):
- At all computers where you want send and receive SMS messages
  is neccessary add new account to programm processed emails ( Outlook)
  for cooperation with SMS-Mail. 
- Example of settings is for Outlook Express. It is similiar for all other email programms.
  - Run programm and in menu Tools / Accounts / Mail / Add
    Add new account with following features:
    - Account name select clearly to detect easily it is SMS account 
      (example "SMS")
-        Adress "Incoming mail (POP3)" a "Outgoing mail (SMTP)" fill by PC
     name which is used for registration in LAN and where is installed
      SMS-Mail or its IP adress (in example
-        Select "Connection via local NET (LAN)
   - It is independent on format of your email adress – it is not transmit into SMS.
   - In case you do not use standard ports SMTP-25 and POP3-110, do not forget change them
in bookmark "Advanced" up SMS-Mail programm setting.
- This new account must be at all cooperated PCs with SMS-Mail programm.
The programm run and stage line:
- After button "Start" pressing programm is connected to GSM GATE.
  It runs SMTP and POP3 server which detects and set GSM GATE. It downloads
  And send SMS messages And disconnect itself from GSM GATE.
  After preprogrammed time interval is connected to GSM GATE again and does
  the same steps ( download and send SMS).
  The SMTP and POP3 servers permanently listen to clients requests
 The  button "Start" you can press even automatically during run programm.
- After pressing "Stop" button is occur "Wait" when is actually communication
to GSM GATE and after finishing of started relation is disconnected from GSM GATE.
  When is not communication then is disconnected immediatelly.
- Stage line
  - "Crossing gate" on stage line notify:
    -  run periodical connection to GSM GATE
    -  periodical connection stoped
  - "Arrows" signalling following status:
    -  disconnected
    -  connected
    -  established communication
    -  communication error
    -  downloading of SMS
    -  saving of SMS
  - "SMTP" and "POP3" servers
    - grey text – server is not run
    - black text - server listen
    -  no data in server buffer
    -  server buffer contains data
    -  there is not connected client
    -  client communication is active
- "Status text" – just runing action or remaining time to next run
- The records window keep displayed description of finished actions, caution and programm status.
Every events is equipped by the time. 
Mode of programm and license key
- The license key to programm is number which allows you to use full version of SMS Mail.
It can be dispatched with GSM GATE or later.
  This key is generated to appropriate IMEI of GSM GATE.
The IMEI is read and display in records window after GSM GATE connection.
- The current mode is displayed in name of main window
- Following modes exists:
  - [unknown mode] – key insert is not finished
  - [demo mode] – key is not used or is incorrect
    the SMS lenght as same as number of clients is restricted
  - [single mode] – key for 1 client
    It is working as full version for 1 PC
  - [network mode] – Network key – network version without restriction
- After inserting the key is programm always initializated
- After inserting the right key , the key editor dissapear because is unsense insert higher key.
- When unappropriate IMEI to key is downloaded the key editor appear again to insert correct key.
E-mail format to create SMS message:
- Telephone number
  The SMTP server will give priority to telephone number mention in email adresse.
If there is no number then use number mention in subject.
 If number is not mention as same as if it is not useable then programm returns SMS back with message "undispatched" .
- Collective e-mail – if it is mention as receive adress the group of adresses
contains telephone numbers then will be created for each adress individual SMS. The same valid for copy.
- When SMS is unsuccesfully dispatched to selected phone number it is returns back as email "non-delivery".
- Subject – it can contain phone number which is use only in case mention above.
- SMS message body – it must agree to restriction coming from future email converting to SMS. It is max 160 digits,
  it must not contains diacritics, ignore attachments.
- If does not agree the SMS body to mention condition it is returns back  as "undispatched".
Progress of unit activation:
- After install programm SMS-Mail click on button "Start"
  - when you selected incorrect COM port then is occured challenge to rectify the setting
  - If is engaged port for SMTP or POP3 server will occur challenge to change the port.
  - When is occur no challenge after button start click and IMEI of connected
GSM GATE is display in record window you are successfuly connected.
  - If GSM GATE contains some messages they will be downloaded to buffer of  SMS-Mail and POP3 server file will be filled
- After setting of programms processed email:
  - Check if run and started programm SMS-Mail
    by button "Start" pressing (crossing gate open)
  - Check if SMTP as same as POP3 server listen to programm
    SMS-Mail (text SMTP and POP3 in stage line is black)
  - In your email programm with account set for communication to SMS-Mail press Send/Receive.
    Followed should occur in record window of SMS Mail the text:
    POP3 client "name of your PC" connected.
    Icon POP3 server Send and receive will be coloured during operation.
  - If buffer of POP3 server of SMS-Mailu has some new SMS for you it will dispatched as incoming email.
- Sending of e-mail as SMS message:
  - Create new message in your e-mail programm
  - In "Whom:" mention adress of e-mail format, and before or after "@"
    mention telephone number where should be email as SMS dispatched.
  - Into message body write text in acceptable format for SMS 
  - Click on send of appropriate account of SMS-Mailu or select appropriate account in item  "From:" and click on send.
  - Icon in SMTP server is coloured and record window is display message about connection of client to SMTP server.
  - It fill up buffer of SMTP server
  - After time out is SMS-Mail connected to GSM GATE, download contain of buffer and start sending them out.
     - After successful sending you can expect it on your mobile phone
- Permanent programm operation:
  - In setting click on "Start at program begining"
  - Check appropriate interval of message changing
  - Eventually provide automatic programm run
    ( for example by agent  "After run")


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