Commands - Setting

If you activate button in command window,  marked by text in the ”Description” frame,
it will be send chain of the characters given in the ”Command” frame,
in time given in ”When send” frame.

In the frame ”When send” can be "Description1" a "Description2" given, for chain of the commands.



-     "activation" – button is waiting for chain of the characters (A), is waiting for time out expiration (D),
or is waiting on the preset time (T).

        The button can be activated by:

-     Space or Enter button, left button of the mouse

-     by other command

-     in connection time

-     "Description1" is command row, which will be by activation of the command activated.
You don´t need fill this parameter.

-     "Description2" is the next command row, which will be by sending of the command activated.
You don´t need fill this parameter.

-     "chain" of the characters can be given the same way as a command



-     text

-     spaces befor and after text will be deleted

-     text with extension *.bmp or *.ico is the name of the picture file

-     text can be fill also: ”  text1  text2  ”

-     two rows of the text you can give as: ”row1””row2”

-     if you want to have the other text or picture of the button in- and   without- activity,
you have to write them one past second and divide by the character ”;”
for example: peace ; activity or ”peace”; ”activity”

-     the first character of the text must not be number

-     After ”,” are property of the button described. Button has two parameters:
number (value of the property) and description of the property (one capital character).
If the setting is not given is the property set on the value, filled in description of
the parameters giving. Parameters can be written in selectable sequence,
for example "0E8C" - it is non selectable white button (caption of the column or row).

new row
non active color 
0-normal, 1-silver, 2-red,
3-green, 4-yelow
active text color
0..9 as a non active color
text color
0..9 as a non active color
width of the button
0..2000 0-in text,
1..2000 width in pixels
height of the button
0..2000 0-in text,
1..2000 height in pixels
place of the text(picture)
(as a keypad number)
7-left, 8-mid, 9-right
4-left, 5-mid, 6-right
1-left, 2-mid, 3-right



-     chain of the characters, prepared for the sending

-     character you can write as a <"number">

-     characters with ASCII code 0..31, 32(space), 44(,), 60(<), 62(>), 255 is no possible write as a text.

-     these characters you must write this way: <"number">

-     into command you can insert other command as a <"Description (of the command)">


When send – list of the commands

”no command”
- on-line sending of the "Command" in "activation" time of the button

N, "Description1", "Description2"
- on-line sending of the "Command" in "activation" time
of the button and activation of the next button

I, "Description1", "Description2"
- the same as a "N", and restart all others buttons

A, "chain", "Description1", "Description2"
- sending of the "Command" as a answer on received "chain",
if button is "activated"

D, "number of the milisec.", "Description1", "Description2"
- sending of the "Command" after preset time past activation of the button

T, "time(DD.MM.RRRR HH:MM:SS)", "Description1", "Description2"
- sending of the "Command" in preset time, if button is ”activated”


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